Panda Natural Soft Black Licorice

Natural Soft Black Licorice 200g

Our black licorice candy is the purest you can find, and we’re proud of it! We make Panda™ Natural Licorice from just a few carefully selected natural ingredients; licorice root extract, wheat flour, molasses and aniseed oil. The traditional method of slowly cooking the licorice dough gives our licorice the distinctive chewy softness. Resealable bag helps keep licorice candy fresh and tasty, right down to the last piece.

Vegan, Kosher, Non-GMO Project Verified

Product information

Molasses, WHEAT FLOUR, licorice extract, natural flavouring (aniseed oil).
Contains wheat

Product information may change, please always check the product information on the packaging.


Serving size 11 pieces (30g)
Servings per Container 7
% Daily Value
Total Fat
Saturated Fat
Trans Fat
Total Carbohydrates
Total Sugars
Includes Added Sugars
The salt content is exclusively due to the presence of naturally occurring sodium

21 reviews for Natural Soft Black Licorice 200g

  1. Diana

    This is the BEST tasting licorice. Also LOVE that there are only 4 ingredients, so PURE!!

  2. Marg

    The very BEST candy that’s even healthy!

  3. Leslie Crawford

    I’m 74 and this is the best Black Licorice I ever had.

  4. Susan M Swayze

    I only buy Panda licorice as it’s the ONLY licorice that is real. Thanks for Panda.

  5. Nancy

    Best licorice ever. Period.

  6. Jessica Goree

    Wonderfully soft and very flavorful, but not overpowering

  7. Laura

    I love your Panda black licorice. I like that it only has 4 ingredients. Could you send any coupons my way? Job Lot no longer carries it and that’s the best price for me! Thanks for your products.

  8. Helga Bluestone

    Best black licorice on the market. Soft, great licorice flavor.

  9. Susan M Swayze

    Panda is the ONLY licorice I will buy. It is the best one on the market. All others are fake.

  10. Daniel S Wells

    Fantastic! Soft & Flavorful, best I’ve ever tasted.

  11. Derek Cocovinis

    Excellent product, but no one in our area in Denver, CO carries this at present. Do you sell directly? Thank you in advance.

  12. Kim Roy

    Best ever!! I love it soo much! Soft and natural. Doesn’t turn your mouth all black. I will never eat any other kind!

  13. JM

    This is the best licorice I’ve had. I love licorice, and I always have a supply, but I am happiest when I have a supply of Panda. I wish it were easier for me to find! The texture of these is wonderful, and the licorice flavor is perfection!

  14. Kathy

    The softest licorice I ever had.
    It’s like this explosion of flavor that lasts to the very last swallow.
    I bought Panda when I was in Norway. I want to find out if it’s available in the USA

  15. Erik Duensing

    The Panda Black Licorice is made in Finland and only has 4 ingredients.
    I buy these for my mom because she is half Finnish and loves that they aren’t made with unpronounceable ingredients.
    We both really enjoy them.

  16. Laura B.

    I love black licorice! And hands down, yours is the absolute best. I especially like the few natural ingredients you choose to make this delicious licorice out of.

  17. Shelby Ford

    Best black licorice ever! I love the natural ingredients and it is so soft. Thank you.

  18. Matt

    There is no better licorice.
    Panda is the best. No other brand is close.

  19. Mike

    Very good, but like everything theses days, expensive. Only thing better than what it has would be to create version with all licorice extract vs using anise to save costs. That and there should be quantity discounts and larger packaging. So many makers of licorice and other processed food /candy /etc are starting to use palm oil which causes cancer (and speeds spreading of existing cancers), heart disease, and gut issues (e.g. IBS).

  20. Larry Renko

    I have tried Australian, New Zealand, German, Italian and USA licorice and none compare to this wonderful, all natural (only four ingredients!) Licorice. Try it and you will love it. It is hands down the best!

  21. karen m.

    Hope they don’t stop making the black licorice! Our family and extended family only like the Panda brand. They always seem to be out of stock at local stores. I think it’s because it is in demand! I give the bags as gifts and serve it for holidays. Everyone loves it.

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