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Please contact us via the consumer feedback form.

If your feedback concerns a defective product, we need photos of the product and product packaging. Please keep the packaging and contents until we have contacted you, we may ask you to send them to us.

Please contact us via the consumer feedback form.

Many of our products are kosher-certified. Please find a link here to the certificate.

Panda products are free from palm oil.

Most of our licorice products are vegan. If the product is vegan, this is mentioned on the product page. Please also check the packaging labels. Find our assortment here

Our licorice contains wheat and is not gluten-free. Currently we don’t have gluten-free licorice in our assortment. 

Panda licorice is an authentic licorice product. The key ingredient in Panda licorice is licorice extract, which is made from wild growing licorice root naturally containing small amounts of glycyrrhizin. One does not have to worry about the glycyrrhizin if the use of licorice remains within reasonable limits, just like the consumption of other sweets. You should always follow your doctor's advice regarding your diet.

Panda Natural licorice is an authentic licorice product, which means it has a small amount of glycyrrhizin. It isn´t an added ingredient, but licorice root contains it naturally. Licorice is meant as a treat, so it should be enjoyed only in reasonable amounts. You should always follow your doctor's advice regarding your diet.

Please contact our local distributor in your country.

Our own web shop only delivers to Finland. You can find Panda licorice available in many international and local web-shops, for example Amazon.

The Panda factory was founded in 1920’s in Vaajakoski, central Finland, where we still make mouth-watering treats for people to enjoy. We started as a confectionery factory for a Finnish co-operative. In the 1950’s a Finnish artist Bror Zetterborg was asked to design a packaging for a new chocolate bar called Panda Pop. The product and the panda bear on the package were loved so much, that soon after the entire factory was renamed as Panda.

By sorting waste, we can save energy and natural resources, so we encourage all licorice lovers to sort empty packages. Sorting instructions vary by country, please refer to the local guidelines. The recycling code (RIC) can be found from the back of package inside the three-arrow triangle symbol.

Sustainability is one of our key values as a company. Find information about our sustainability actions here.

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