Panda LicoriceMix Original

Licorice Mix Original 175g

Panda Original LicoriceMix – classic mix of seven different sorts of candies!

Product information

Sugar, WHEAT FLOUR, sugar syrup, molasses, glucose syrup, glucose-fructose syrup, fully hydrogenated vegetable oil (coconut), liquorice extract, cocoa butter, rice starch, WHOLE MILK POWDER, maize starch, cocoa mass, thickener (E414), pasteurised strawberry puree, colours (E153, E120, E100, E160a, E141), ammonium chloride, acidity regulators (E330, E331), glazing agents (vegetable oils (coconut, rapeseed), E903, E901, E904), flavourings (eg. aniseed oil, vanilla, peppermint oil, vanillin), emulsifier (lecithin), SKIMMED MILK POWDER. Content of the mixture may vary. Yellow dragee contains milk chocolate.
Contains wheat and milk powder

Does not contain eggs
Does not contain peanuts
Does not contain nuts/almonds
Does not contain soy
Does not contain gelatin/ingredients from pork


Per 100g
1599 kJ / 378 kcal
Total Fat
Saturated Fat

5 reviews for Licorice Mix Original 175g

  1. Marlene Lamarche

    Just tried them for the first time today and OMG! I love ’em! Great variety of all delicious goodness! I just have to have more! more! more!

  2. Janine pagano

    I was in norway and bought this!! Fell in love with this licorice!! Why can’t we get the original licorice mix in the USA??

    • Panda Licorice

      Hello! So happy to hear you enjoyed our Licorice Mix. Our product range varies slightly across different regions, which means that unfortunately some products may be unavailable in your country.

  3. Maripaz

    Llevamos años comprando este producto, y es espectacular, nos encanta, todo lo que diga es poco, pero cada vez es mas difícil encontrarlo, siempre esta agotado. Me gustaría poder encontrarlo de manera mas sencilla para seguir disfrutándolo.

  4. Margaret Nunez

    There is no words for licorice to tell how outstanding it is. No comparison to others. Keep up with the great work. Can’t wait to taste your other products. Keep it natural please. Everything is artificial these days. Thank you !!

  5. Linda


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