Liquorice chocolate fudge

Liquorice chocolate fudge

In this dessert delicacy, liquorice and chocolate come together. Mix your favorite liquorice from Panda selection into the fudge and enjoy.
Servings 16 pieces
Cook Time 20 minutes



  • Measure the sugar, cream and butter in a pan. Heat at a low to medium temperature until the mixture becomes syrupy. If you like, you can test the consistency by adding a drop of the mixture to a glass of cold water. If the drop solidifies, the mixture is ready.
  • Add the crushed chocolate to the mixture and let it melt. Add the finely cut pieces of liquorice. Pour the mixture into a tray with straight edges. Let it set until the next day. Cut into cubes and store in a cool place.


Test this recipe also with Panda Rasperry Liquorice. It gives a nice berry taste on fudge. 
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