What’s in the root of Panda Natural Licorice?

Our licorice has been famous for its flavor since 1927. We’ve stayed true to our roots, so you’ll rediscover the licorice candy taste you know and love, every time.

What are the roots we keep referring to? Well, besides the licorice root (pun intended) that’s the basic ingredient in our licorice candy, our roots are in the pure Nordic nature of central Finland. Nature is a big part of our lives here in, from the summer nights of endless sunlight to the cold dark winters filled with snow. From our pure waters to pristine forests. You get it, right? We love our nature, so we couldn’t imagine using anything else than natural ingredients to make what we love even more: licorice candy.

History you can taste today

Panda factory was founded in Vaajakoski, central Finland, where we still make mouth-watering treats for people to enjoy. We started as a humble candy factory in a small wooden facility, hand-making sweets for special occasions. Since then, over these past 90 something years, we have grown to be one of the leading licorice candy manufacturers in the world. We have made licorice the corner stone of every licorice lovers candy bag. Even though we grew bigger over the years, we still have the same drive and passion to offer people the best licorice one can make. The fact that we’re uncompromising of ingredients or quality and our decades of experience are what make Panda Natural Licorice the number one choice for licorice lovers all over the world.

Making Panda Natural Licorice is not rocket science

How do we make our black licorice candy then? It’s simple, really! We follow the instructions left as a legacy by our great licorice maker Väinö Hilden. It all starts by taking our carefully selected ingredients; licorice root extract, wheat flour, molasses and aniseed oil. We use a traditional method of slowly cooking them together to make a dough. After cooking, we finally press the licorice candy dough into shape.
When your ingredients are pure and high quality, you don’t need to add anything fancy in order to make licorice delicious. The traditional method of making it give it the distinctive chewy softness. It really is simple like that.

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