We make delicious soft red licorice

Even though we’re not one of them, we know there are people out there who think black licorice just isn’t their thing. That’s alright, we’re not here to judge. What we are here to do, is offer great natural licorice to those who enjoy the fruitier candy taste.

Black licorice and red licorice

When you’ve made black licorice candy since 1927, you get pretty good at it! Naturally, when you’re really good at something, you want to branch out a little bit. That’s why we took our licorice candy making expertise from black licorice candy and started making fruity red licorice candy as well!

The days of dull-tasting licorice candy are over!

When your ingredients are pure and high-quality, you don’t need anything artificial. If you agree with us, you’ve come to the right place! Thanks to Panda Natural, the times are better than ever for you red licorice lovers!

Let us present our soft, authentic and mouth-watering red licorice candy in not one, but several naturally fruity flavors! Made by using the same experience and knowhow we manufacture our black licorice candy with, you know that it’s going to be the best red licorice you can get.

A variety of flavors – pick your favorite

Our red licorice candy comes in a variety of flavors. Like our black licorice candy, they are all made with high quality ingredients with nothing extra added. All you need to do, is pick which bag of these red licorice sweets you are going to try first. Or why not go for it and choose more than one at the time? After all, the varieties of these red licorice sweets are the best alternative to satisfying your sweet tooth with a fruity fresh taste. You know, being made with all natural ingredients and everything.


And we got our fans words to back this up! Here’s what you guys have said about our delicious flavors:

“Just love the strawberry licorice. Soft and flavorsome.”

“The raspberry one…. best soft chewy goodness!”

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